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Leader - Edit

Featherstar- Gray-ish black she-cat with white markings and violet eyes.  RP'D by: No-one.

Deputy - Edit

Maplestorm- Calico tom. RP'D by: Victoria221

Medicine Cat - Edit

Silvermist- Gray she-cat with black and white patches and aqua eyes. Streamfur44

Warriors - Edit

Heini- Dark gray tom with silver stripes and chocolate brown eyes. RP'D by: Fire-types_and_Red

Inigo- Inigo is a small, short-furred, silvery-blue tom with dark stripes running along his back and legs. He has bright turquoise eyes and white forepaws like his sister. He has a white tailtip and his left eartip is white as well. RP'D by: Phoenix_Flight

Duskwhisper- Duskwhisper is a short-furred jet-black she-cat with bright, clear turquoise eyes. She has a lithe build, a long tail, and rounded fox-like ears. Her hind paws are a faded dark grey, and her forepaws are snowy-white. RP'D by: Phoenix_Flight

Thrushflight- Dark ginger tom with amber eyes. RP'D by: ~Thrushflight92~