This is a page of rules to follow before editing on the wiki!


On chat, be sure to follow these rules!

  • No inappropiate language/swearing
  • Do not spam the chat


Before adding a picture to the wiki, make sure that you follow these rules!

  • Only warrior cat related stuff unless it is on your profile
  • No inappropriate things
  • You may post as many as you like, just make sure to keep them safe and appropriate.


Look at these rules before editing

  • No ranting/spam/non related cat pages.
  • Do not replace words with inappropriate ones.
  • Do NOT delete other users work, you will be warned or banned.


  • Respect all admins/founders of the wiki and respect their orders.

Congratulations! Follow these rules and have a wonderful time on our wikia, don't forgot to Roleplay at StreamClan/Roleplay or join StreamClan