Roleplayed by: Phoenix Flight


Current Loner
Past Loner
Names Loner: Inigo
Mother Splash (deceased)
Father Bone (deceased)
Siblings Duskwhisper (older half-sister, alive)
Mate(s) None
Kit(s) None
Mentor(s) N/A
Apprentice(s) N/A
Role-Play Phoenix Flight


He was born to two rogues; a she-cat named Splash and a tom named Bone along with two other siblings. Splash left (and died, leaving) Bone with the kits after two days, and Bone decided to abandon the kits as well. Two of the kits decided to look for their mother, but they were killed by a Clan cat. Inigo witnessed the murder of all of his siblings and his mother, and was found by his half-sister Duskwhisper. She cared for him until he was old enough to leave her, but Inigo refused to leave, so he stays with her and depends on her for everything.


He's definitely more friendly than his sister, Duskwhisper, but always stays close to her because he's extremely shy and emotional. He's pretty timid, and paranoid that Clan cats will kill him. That's why he's always close to Duskwhisper. He misses his parents, but tries not to show it. Inigo always tries to be brave, but almost always ends up giving into cowardice and hiding behind Duskwhisper.


Inigo is a small, short-furred, silvery-blue tom with dark stripes running along his back and legs. He has bright turquoise eyes and white forepaws like his sister. He has a white tailtip and his left eartip is white as well.


Duskwhisper (older half-sister, alive); Splash (mother, deceased); Bone (father, status unknown)