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Fire-types and Red


Current StreamClan
Past None
Names Warrior: Heini
Mother Marie
Father Nightpelt
Siblings Unknown
Mate(s) None
Kit(s) None
Mentor(s) Unknown
Apprentice(s) None
Role-Play Use:Fire-types and Red


Heini was born in a mix, he mother was a rogue and his father was a Clan cat. During his childhood he had to live with mother in an empty forest with no siblings to play with. Every so often his father would visit. Each time Nightpelt visited, he always had a chat with his son. But Nightpelt included some prejudice in their talks. Heini adopted those thoughts, with the prejudice against white and light color cats, saying they were always snobby and uptight. Soon, when Heini was near 24 moons old, he was able to join the clan. He accepted the offer, and flew through the rank of apprentice to become a warrior. 


Heini is not very talkative and always keeps to himself unless he is around cats he has known for some time. He is highly opinionated and close minded, never wanting to accept something that is against him, even when it comes to a favorite fruit. He is very observational, and able to notice tiny details in the world around him. His trust is very hard to obtain, making him very unpopular in the clan. Though, strangely, he is willing to listen to anybody.


Nightpelt (father) and Marie (mother) 


Heini is a dark gray tom with silver stripes and chocolate brown eyes.

"Cursed light pelts!"
— Heini to himself in thought.