Roleplayed by Phoenix Flight


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Current StreamClan
Past Rogue
Names Rogue = N/A

Kit = Duskkit

Apprentice = Duskpaw

Warrior = Duskwhisper

Mother Splash (deceased)
Father Storm (deceased)
Siblings Inigo (half-brother, alive)
Mate(s) None
Kit(s) None
Mentor(s) N/A
Apprentice(s) None
Role-Play Phoenix Flight


 Duskwhisper was born to two rogues, a she-cat named Splash and a tom named Storm. When Splash left the two on their own, Storm tried to care for the she-kit. He became frightened by the idea of her dying because he couldn't feed her, so he left her to the Clan to care for her. Later, as Duskpaw, she found out that her mother had kits with another tom. There were three of the kits, and Splash left the tom as well. Duskpaw found Splashd dead at the paws of a StreamClan cat, and one of the kits in the litter, the smallest one, witnessed it as well. Storm later suffered the same fate, and again it happened to two of her half-siblings. She decided to care for the kit (later named Inigo) herself, even though he was only a week old. Duskwhisper managed to care for Inigo until he was old enough to fend for himself, but he stayed with her anyway. She watches over him, guarding him against the other Clan cats.


Duskwhisper is cold and quiet, and doesn't get along well with other cats, not even her Clanmates. She is protective over her brother Inigo, and he's the only cat she trusts. Duskwhisper is very intelligent, and knows how to hunt amongst the trees as well as swim (even thought she hates swimming). She prefers to be alone, and despises being a part of large crowds. 


Inigo (younger half-brother, alive); Storm (father, deceased); Splash (mother, deceased)


Duskwhisper is a short-furred jet-black she-cat with bright, clear turquoise eyes. She has a lithe build, a long tail, and rounded fox-like ears. Her hind paws are a faded dark grey, and her forepaws are snowy-white.